Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jen & Brendan 2007, Revisited.

Tonight I took a trip down a digital memory lane, and revisited some of the earliest photos I ever took. The above is a photo from the very first proper, paid photoshoot I did in 2007 with my good friend Jen and her partner, Brendan, on my almost two-years-old (at the time) Canon EOS 350D.

I also revisited these photos to compare my past re-touching skills (which were virtually non-existent) with my current re-touching skills. See the photo below (left: 2012 Edit; right: Original Photo, 2007). It's nice to see a marked improvement, compared to the original edit (quite embarrassing, see it here).

When I did this photoshoot, I would've only had my kit lenses—whilst my current equipment is certainly far more advanced, it's certainly reassuring to see that even in the early days, even as an amateur with barely any decent glass, I could still actually take a photograph.

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