Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye Helvetica: The Exhibition, by Dominique Falla.

Tactile typographer and graphic designer Dominique Falla slaved away for five weeks to bring art to a very urban scene: Surfer's Paradise. Myself and many other alumni, graduates and students of the Queensland College of Art, Gold Coast count ourselves pretty damn lucky and proud to have been taught by such a multi-talented, passionate and devoted person.

"Goodbye Helvetica" marked the end of Dominique's year long commitment to the renowned typeface Helvetica, which ended appropriately on Valentine's Day. Remaining true to her "tactile typography" talents, Dominique produced her installations by her own hand, despite humidity, vertigo, repetitive strain injury, exhaustion and the occasional loony passerby. The "Goodbye Helvetica" piece (pictured below) itself boasts an impressive three kilometre length of string that she strung around hand-hammered nails across four separate panels, standing on a scissor lift meters in the air (potentially the largest piece of string art in the world).

Congratulations Dominique for a successful night, your efforts certainly paid off! We'll no doubt see more of this from you in the future—needless to say, we're looking forward to it.

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