Monday, October 01, 2012

Of firsts and lasts.

It has been a whirlwind of firsts and lasts. Late August saw us seeing an old family friend for the first time in a decade, and saying goodbye to the last days of winter. There was visiting my friend Jen's new place: her first house, first mortgage, first home away from home; shortly after, I myself left the nest. September also brought along two 1st birthdays and the return of my good friend Shane, who had moved to London in January 2011. We saw the first day of rain in a month in Brisbane just last week, seeing it again on our last days of September and yesterday, the first day of October—the day on which I said farewell to my closest friend, Alanna, who is moving to London.

The last quarter of the year will bring with it more of the same. My October calendar has filled up fast, and soon, December will be here once again (Christmas is only 12 weeks away).


  1. Always such beautiful words and photos.

    Can't wait to have dinner tonight xo.

    1. Thanks lovely, yes, looking forward to it! x