Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Before you ask...

Before you ask why I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, even though I am well and truly taken and have every reason to celebrate love, I give you this. Almost every day, Martin makes me a coffee (and makes it well, despite not even drinking coffee himself) before we go to work. Most days, he makes us dinner and drives us both to work. He always asks me how my day was, even though we work right next to each other. He always gives me compliments, be it on how I look or a recent photograph I took, without hidden agenda or expectation of anything in return. He is patient, calm and kind even if I am impatient, temperamental and cruel; he tells me the truth when I need it to be told and works hard to calm me down in the midst of a bad day (and on the darkest days, it is incredibly hard). He is good-natured, sweet and genuine, and whilst we do not often go out to dinner, have a 'date night' or buy each other trinkets and extravagant gifts, everything he does for me on a daily basis is more than enough for me.

Most days, I find myself wondering how I came to be with someone like this. To say I am lucky to see him at work and see him again at home and to still have him remotely interested in spending time with me is an absolute understatement. When he goes above and beyond for me every day, why on Earth would I need anything from him on a random day in the middle of February? Appreciating the love and support you receive from everyone around you (whether you are single or taken) on a regular day is totally underrated, and as for the whole present thing? I receive the best gift of all, every day.


  1. Before you ask who is this...

    Hi, I'm guessing you're both married to one another, but let me say this first; you both look fantastic sitting there with your smiles of joy, feeling happy about something on your mines.

    In-love with someone, it doesn't matter how you celebrate your Valentine's Day.  The importance is knowing how to connect with your partner on a romantic level. Though Martin it's wonderful to hear you're telling the truth and to calm Camille down... lol.

    Camille, it sounds like you've got yourself an awesome man (with pearly white teeth), and receiving the best gift of all, wearing the key around your neck to Martin's heart.

    Martin, you've come out of your shell away from playing X-box games to find yourself a beautiful lady who loves you every day, and for you to continue being sweet and genuine above and beyond.

    Life is what YOU make of it, so make each day count. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.


    1. Hi "E",

      Thanks for your comment, although I'm not entirely sure whether you were being sarcastic or whether you were trying to give us a compliment, I'm afraid! Most of the time when people have said the phrase "sounds like you're married to one another" to people who aren't yet married, it's meant in a negative context, and I also wasn't sure if you were implying that we don't try to make each day count with your last sentence, because well, I guess that's the entire point of the blog post—appreciating the small things that happen every day, and not so much making commentary how people celebrate Valentine's Day, but more so to say why we personally don't really do anything for it.

      As for the key—it wasn't actually from Martin, and I've had it for a few years now! Thank you though, for the things that you said that were definitely a compliment, clearly you're someone who knows Martin and you aren't the first to make a comment about how much he's come out of his shell since being with me.


    2. Hi Camille,

      You're Welcome! !

      I admire the photo that was taken of you both, but it wasn't meant to come across as sarcastic. I was clearly to give YOU both a compliment for sharing your blog with everyone to see, and I found it kinda cute.

      Am sorry if it came across negative.

      Though its nice to see 2 people having fun expressing their feelings to one another which is a good reason to celebrate love.

      Until next time... keep smiling