Saturday, June 08, 2013

Aurelie Maron: Chalk Lettering for Design Montage

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I was pretty very excited when Aurelie contacted me to produce a video of her working on her latest chalk lettering piece for Design Montage. Upon seeing her work at the QCA graduate exhibition last year and being in absolute awe of her serious type skills, I knew she'd be one to watch. Currently working as a designer for Tusk Agency in the Gold Coast, chalk lettering is still something Aurelie does frequently outside of her typical work day. When she produced her first chalk-lettering piece as part of a typography assignment at uni, she had no idea it would very quickly turn into something everybody would clamour to have—she still gets many requests to create pieces like this (for very good reason).

Check out Aurelie's Design Montage type project on Behance

After watching the film of Aurelie doing what she does best, I hope you'll walk away with a newfound appreciation for just how much attention to detail and hard work is required to produce such a gorgeous end product—it definitely doesn't just happen overnight.

Aurelie designed the logo for the Typism Inspiration Conference (which I will also be photographing!) and will also be a speaker on the day. If you haven't already gotten your ticket, be quick! Head over to the website for details.

Check out Aurelie's Typism Logotype project on Behance


  1. Thanks Camille! It was really nice working with you, you did an awesome job! :)

    1. Thanks heaps Aurelie, likewise! Can't wait to see more work from you in the future; I'm sure one of these days I'll be the one knocking on your door asking you for a type piece!