Sunday, May 04, 2014

Jungle Heart Exhibition: raising critical funds for Borneo & the orang-utans.

Over the weekend I announced something I've been planning for the last 6 months: Jungle Heart, an exhibition of original artwork by Australian artists joining the fight for conservation in Borneo.

A minimum 15% of each artwork sold on the opening night will be donated to WWF Australia. The Bornean rainforests are one of WWF's high impact initiatives, and these funds will help them to:

  • Create a giant 220,000 km2 network of protected areas and sustainably managed forests
  • Provide the people of Borneo with real alternatives to illegal poaching and logging
  • Protect and sustainably manage the remaining natural habitat within the Heart of Borneo

It's been really exciting to put together this group of amazing creatives. These are people that I respect and admire, a mixture of emerging & established artists in their fields. Most creatives I know are incredibly passionate about the environment and the natural world, so for us all to be able to do what we love whilst giving back to the planet and raising awareness of Borneo is a really special thing.

If you live in Brisbane or you'll be in Brisbane on Friday, June 6, please come along to the exhibition—entry is free and the incredible crew at Southside Tea Room make amazing food and drink so it's bound to be a great night! RSVP on our event page and invite your friends.

I'll be regularly posting information about the event on our Facebook page, including sneak peeks of all the artists' pieces, any updates to the exhibition as well as facts about Borneo and the endangered orang-utans. Feel free to head over and "like it" to read more over the next few weeks.

Big, big thanks: My very big thanks goes to Brisbane creative ladies Jasmine Dowling (who hand-lettered the logo) and Sophia Mary Mac whose artwork for the exhibition is in the background of all our Jungle Heart images! It's thanks to you that the branding for Jungle Heart looks so lovely.

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