Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences Brisbane 2014.

So pleased that I can finally post this. A month ago I had the honour of filming and photographing Analogue/Digital here in Brisbane. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I filmed Analogue/Digital back when it first started, just for fun from the safety of my seat in the audience when I was still experimenting with videography. Even then, Matt was incredibly supportive and encouraging—if you know Matt, then you'll know that he roots for the homegrown, the talented, the hard-working, and the passionate people who love what they do, whatever that is.

After attending A/D year after year and after taking photos from my seat at A/D again last year, Matt decided he wanted me to "do one of your sick films like you did for us the very first time!". I can't thank Matt & Alex enough for doing such brilliant jobs running the conference (which is now national!) and for giving me the opportunity to "officially" shoot it this year. I had an amazing time, as always—if you were there, I hope you did too.

Check out the A/D BNE after-party video & photos over here.


  1. Awesome post Camille, the video is so seamless and has great energy!

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca, glad you enjoyed it! :)