Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sun, sand and sea.

One of my favourite days, at some of my favourite places, with my favourite person. 

Brisbane was lucky enough to be given a day off on Friday for the G20 Leaders' Summit. Most of us escaped the city, and I chose to spend it enjoying the sunshine and celebrating my 24th birthday. I rarely go to the beach, let alone get the chance to spend 3 days doing whatever I please, so this weekend I made the most of it: a 2.5 hour challenging, but incredibly rewarding yoga workshop with 21 amazing women on the Friday, watching Interstellar in the afternoon. On Saturday Martin and I left home early, heading to Harvest for brunch and walking around Byron Bay.

If you know me, you'll know I'm more for low-key celebrations, so days like this are all I need. I'd much rather travel, explore or experience something as a gift, rather than add to a collection of stuff that will only gather dust and rot when I'm gone. In the last year I've been incredibly mindful to actually set myself proper days off for the good of my own wellbeing, and it was refreshing to have a couple days where I was not bound by time, rigid plans or any kind of obligation.

Most of the photos below are of our afternoon at Fingal Head, a 40 minute drive north from Byron.

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