Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hong Kong: Day 3.

Our third and final day in Hong Kong was spent travelling to Ngong Ping, the little town on the mountain, via cable car. When we got there, we visited the Po Lin monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha (which was kind of perfect, I thought, as this year I will begin yoga teacher training).

It was so deeply peaceful up in the mountains. There were so many people who swarmed to see the Buddha, rushing about, cameras to faces, phones up, pulling each other this way or that to see the next sight; I just wanted to find a minute to be all there, so I did, hiding myself away in the quietest part of the giant circular altar, admiring the expanse before me and the way the light looked from up here. I pretended I was completely and utterly alone and enjoyed that little second of still, silent bliss all to myself. Our trip had been rushed and chaotic in the days since we arrived (and it would continue to be chaotic for many weeks still), so to find even just a second to be completely present, to appreciate everything I had amongst the mountains, meant everything to me.

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