Monday, February 02, 2015

Head/Heart: January 2015.

Life: blink and you'll miss it. By now, you've probably already had a conversation about how crazy it is that it's already February, and soon it will be March, and on it goes.

Do you remember all those things you told yourself you'd do by this year, or this age? I do; I've achieved a lot and pursued many of my dreams, but what's even better is that there are so many things I never thought I would do that I am now doing. Sometimes you get so caught up in the cycle of dreaming, planning, and doing, you don't get many chances to appreciate what you truly love to do, what you've already accomplished, and all the little things that make your life what it is.

This year, one of my aims is to be more active on this blog. I've always enjoyed writing from a deeper point of view, but I don't often get to share as much as I'd like here between everything else I do outside of the blog, and so I usually only post when I have work to share.

Starting now, I'll be sharing little snaps (from my iPhone, my best friend when it comes to shooting the everyday) in a series called Month-By-Month: a visual way to reconnect with the weeks just passed. Regular reflection is a big part of who I am, but to purposefully document it here will mean that I am forced to take the time to be brought back to the present, to appreciate the past, instead of constantly, hurriedly gunning for the future.

The magic of photos is that they remind you of lots of little things you may have otherwise forgotten, like that really wonderful day you may have had even though there was nothing particularly extraordinary about it. That's life: a brilliant, beautiful summary of all these little things. It's worth remembering, it's worth documenting, and it's worth reflecting on.

If you have a blog, or even an Instagram, I'd love for you to join in and share your monthly memories—please feel free to send me the link to the post or to the photos when you're done so I can see!

Here are some little moments from my January, 2015.

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