Friday, January 29, 2016

Yoga With Camille: A 365 Photo Challenge.

While I was in Canada, I decided to start a 365 photo challenge to honour my love of photography and yoga: one yoga photo a day for the whole year. Not only will it help me to open up about my practice, it will also help me do a little bit of yoga every day (it's not safe to simply “get into a pose” without doing any prep or warm-up beforehand), force me to get outside pretty much every day to take the photo, and allow me to improve my alignment as I'll be able to see where I may not be balanced in my poses. It will also help me with my teaching, as I try my best to write about the pose, how to prepare for it and its benefits—writing about yoga will help me get my words out for my future classes. Above all else, I'm just going to take it easy and have fun with it!

I included some of the photos below, but you can follow along on my new Instagram account: @yogawithcamille.

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