Monday, April 11, 2016

Clare x Camille for Lululemon Brisbane.

I am about 1000% excited to have photographed my friend Clare of Self-Taught Yogis for Lululemon Brisbane last week. Clare and I finished yoga teacher training together last year, but even before that she was working hard to make her own contribution to the world of yoga, launching her Instagram and eBooks to help people teach themselves yoga at home. I admire her strength (mentally, but also physically—you need only see her yoga moves on Instagram to know this is one strong woman), perseverance and her really bright, playful, easygoing nature. She's one of those people that is so much fun to be around, but is right there for real talk and serious conversation too.

Lunch, yoga, photos and a sunset swim made for a one-of-a-kind Tuesday afternoon down at Cabarita Beach, Kingscliff (just past the New South Wales border). We were spoilt. No other Tuesday can ever compare.

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