Monday, November 21, 2016

At Home With: Sophia Mary Mac.

An afternoon at home with Brisbane designer & illustrator, Sophia Mary Mac. Sophia's stunning space is in a beautiful two-storey Queenslander (that's a type of home here in Australia, for those not-in-the-know) and is worthy of some serious envy. I could barely tear myself away. We caught up over leftovers, drawing and shooting.

This will be part of an on-going body of work, a side project I've been meaning to embark on for some time. It doesn't currently have a name or a definition—I'm letting the idea form fully by doing the work and seeing where it takes me. To be honest, part of my hesitation in starting this was that many other photographers are already doing work like this rather brilliantly—but I recently had to remind someone else that they are completely allowed to take up space in the industry, even if they're doing what's already been done. Now I'm trying to take my own advice.

I love getting to know other creatives, and nothing piques my curiosity more than the spaces in which they work. I hope to continue this work not just in Australia, but around the world, starting with Canada next year—so if you happen to be reading this and you are a Canadian-based creative who would love to open your space up to me, my camera, and good conversation (or you know someone who is), I'd love to get to know you. Email me:

More with Sophia below.

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