Sunday, May 07, 2017

Grassi Lakes at the start of spring.

If you've seen my recent Lake Louise photo-story, you would probably find it hard to believe these photos were taken within five days of each other. Martin and I visited Grassi Lakes before our visit to Lake Louise, so we were about as surprised as you were at the stark contrast between both (and yes, because I've been bad at blogging these days, I'm only getting around to posting these now). It makes sense—Lake Louise sits at the foot of the mountains, covered by their shadow for most of the day and therefore not melting quite as fast, not to mention the area generally being even colder and windier than Canmore. Grassi Lakes at the start of April is well on its way to fully melted, making the trail a little muddy but still very much worth a visit as your introduction to Canadian hiking in the warmer months.

Being an easy 4km round-trip trail, Grassi Lakes is a popular hike in Canmore for families, their dogs and their visitors, being well-marked, easy to find, with great views. On that weekend the trail was pretty busy, as it was warm enough to wear only a t-shirt and a light jacket for what must have been the first time in a long time. I can only imagine just how full the trails will get during the summer months. Grassi Lakes is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic at the end of your leisurely walk, so you can truly pause to enjoy the view over Canmore or watch the rock climbers while sitting by its emerald waters. If you're extra lucky, you might encounter some Bighorn Sheep on your drive there, just as we did.

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