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I'm Camille. If you're here, you probably already know that I'm a photographer (mostly).

I was born in The Philippines, growing up in New Zealand before my family settled in Brisbane, Australia. I've had a healthy interest in art & creativity since I was young, but it wasn't until I was 13 that I picked up the camera. It became the thing I took with me everywhere, even to school. My parents knew before I did that photography was meant for me, so on my 15th birthday, they gave me my first dSLR, and over a decade later here I am—inseparable from the camera, an object through which I tell every story. I am completely self-taught.

It's taken me some time to understand what kind of photographer I am. In fact, I'm think I'm still figuring it out. I've never been able to define myself as being one kind of photographer, because I love to capture more than one kind of thing. Wherever I go, my camera comes with me, and photography is my art form. All I know is that I've always loved telling stories, even as a 2-year-old (not that my toddler talk made much sense). That love of storytelling has always been the common theme in my photography, and now I know—for lack of any better term, I am a documentary photographer; a visual storyteller. I want you to feel as if you were in that moment with me, and if I've done that, then I guess I'm doing this right.

This blog is an ongoing documentary of sorts, and serves as a space for my creative and emotional expression. You can follow along here or on my social channels to stay up-to-date.

To view more of my professional work, you can visit my website at camillenathania.com.


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Lastly, although it should go without saying

All content on this blog unless stated otherwise has been created by Camille Nathania/Camille Santiago. Please ask and leave credit where it's due if you wish to share any photos, words and videos elsewhere.