Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fantasy Fiction.

We've all got stories to tell, something to say, pages to fill.

Model: Emma H
HMUA: Chrissie Hoffman
Fashion Designer/Stylist: Liz Nguyen
Assistant: Luke Chapman

This is an idea I've been carrying around in my head for some time now (surprised there's room for anything else there except to think about uni work), and finally decided to make it a reality. After about four weeks of planning I got it together—but the weather didn't. Luckily, the rain eventually stopped and we were able to move forward with the shoot.

Yesterday was my first big shoot involving a team that consisted of more than myself and a model. Thanks so much to everyone for not bailing on me despite busy schedules, the weather and the twenty billion mosquitoes that may have been carrying dengue fever.


  1. Wow these are stunning! The concept is beautiful, and you've captured her really well :)