Friday, June 01, 2012

A Love Affair with Melbourne: Part One.

Last Tuesday, Martin and I began our love affair with Melbourne, to attend the renowned international creative conference, agIdeas. Albeit both being first timers to the city aptly named the capital city of graphic design in Australia (to which we have both frequently received a chorus of "and you call yourselves creatives?!"), I didn't have a doubt in my mind that I would love Melbourne. I just underestimated the extent to which I would.

The colourful cacophony of street art; the cosy, bustling laneways; the chilly air; the visually impressive boutiques, cafes and restaurants; the autumn leaves that reminded me ever so much of my first home away from home, New Zealand—I did all I could to take it all in, so fast-paced and fleeting, stopping at every moment to record it through the lens, my eyes searching hungrily for the next brilliant thing.

I took my 40,000th photo on my 5D MK II (only one and a half years old) in Melbourne, recorded 1,310 videos and took 922 photos. Video is still yet to come: after only having returned on Monday night, I haven't yet even had a chance to take a look at the videos. There may appear to be a lack of photos from agIdeas itself, but a majority of my video will be dedicated to agIdeas.

In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter of our journey through stills. Our journey began with our 5:55am flight, our first Melbourne brunch at Dukes Coffee Roasters, our first Melbourne tram ride (during which I got caught between the tram doors), and ended with the first day of agIdeas, visiting The Hungry Workshop's wonderful Melbourne studio, and having delicious Middle Eastern pides with them at The Moor's Head.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Can't wait for all the stories. :)

  2. Loving your Melbourne series Camille!!! And absolutely LOVE this new camera bag of yours. Poor Martin looks like a bag man in the one above. You'll have to start planning your next Melb adventure!!

    1. Thanks Jenica! Yes, the camera bag is amazing. Don't worry, I'm already planning on a trip down there in November for my birthday. ;)