Friday, June 15, 2012

Six Months, In An Instant.

By now most of us will have spent some time wondering where the first six months of the year have gone. It was only at the beginning of the year where I was working on the concept for my Numerology series, making arrangements to shoot a wedding in video and go to the agIdeas Creative Conference, and these things (amongst many other events) have been and gone. 

The month of May alone was time-poor, bringing me not only autumn, but an exhibition for work which I toiled over for a little over two months, a month in which I traveled interstate twice, to Sydney for a wedding and to Melbourne for the very first time.

Given the fact life flies at such mind-boggling speeds, I make a concentrated effort to appreciate the every day; to take time to be grateful for at least one thing—it allows me to look past ongoing frustrations rather than nursing bad thoughts that become a permanent poison.

In the spirit of celebrating the everyday, some of my favourite Instagram photos from the first half of my 2012 are below, and there are more after the jump.

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