Tuesday, July 03, 2012


As a creative, my mind is constantly ticking away to generate a concept that you will get really, really "can't sleep at night because you want to write down all your ideas" excited. You're searching for a kind of buzz you can't really ignore; a project that has nothing to do with earning money, and everything to do with expressing an idea that came out of thin air, all from your own head.

This was that project for me last year. One idea came to me; I took it and ran with it, working for months to develop a more solid concept behind this hair shoot and putting together a team. After trying to get submit this shoot to magazines and not receiving a response, I decided to finally release it; we had so much fun working on this shoot (completed in November 2011) and I definitely wouldn't call it a failure just because it wasn't published.

It was a fantastic experience, one of my first "studio" shoots and the largest team I've had to manage to date (not huge in the grand scheme of things, but working in a team like this on a shoot like this definitely helped me to gain a better understanding/knowledge/experience for the future). So much could've gone wrong, and yet the entire day went by without any drama—apart from the time when one of the antlers broke, which we still managed to work with thanks to, yet again, my positive and hard working team of professionals.

David from Rokstar Hair & Beauty worked on this project in his own spare time with so much enthusiasm, and I am so glad to have had him by my side on this. He created the antlers using his own two brilliant hands and put everything he had into it. I cannot thank my team enough for their time, patience and input in helping me to make this shoot a reality, and for being as passionate about this as I was.

I quite literally couldn't have done it without:

Hair Stylists: David Stirling & the Rokstar team
Makeup Artist: Sheri Vegas
Models: Molly Walsh, Lilly Schneider (Busy Models), Uline De Villiers
Lighting & Video: Luke Chapman

Thank you, thank you, thank you. x


  1. Hi Camille-nathania, Nyree here from Eufloria Florist on the Gold Coast! :) These photos of hair and make up are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY I ask who did the hair and makeup please? (ps how are the photos coming along of Stacey and Klintons Byrne's wedding?????

    1. Hey Nyree, thanks so much for your lovely feedback. My entire team have been credited above, but the lovely folks at Rokstar Hair and Beauty often help me out on my shoots and the makeup artist for this particular shoot was Sheri Vegas, who has since moved to England I believe.