Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our return to Melbourne: Part Two.

We awoke to the buildings around us enveloped in dramatic cloud. The icy morning left swiftly, leaving us blue skies for our drive to Mornington. I took it all in: the wind through our hair and being out in the sunlight, the bright beach boxes dotting the peninsula, giving me look at what could have been, had the weather been warmer and it had been summer.

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Driving contentedly through the wine country, we spent the afternoon at the Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens.  We thrived on the challenges of dead-ends and tall hedges. Even Martin's unexpected fall into the muddy ground disguised by fallen leaves deterred us none.

We caught up with friends both old and new, meeting Olive Wednesday, The Hungry Workshop's resident canine, and Tim Cruickshank, a friend of many friends in our small world. I continued to be enchanted by the city, its unique mix of old buildings amongst a throng of contemporary design...

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