Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Analogue/Digital Creative Conferences 2013

I have attended at least one creative conference every year since my second year of uni in 2009. When Analogue/Digital came around in 2011, I walked away pleased that it was different from the other conferences I had been to, in the sense that most of the speakers were local, down-to-Earth creatives who had interesting and real stories to tell instead of showcasing people who were already "global" and a "big deal" and had spoken at a dozen other events already.

This year Matthew Haynes went above and beyond, bringing us a phenomenal two day line-up of brilliant speakers, a lot of whom were from Brisbane and the Gold Coast which was incredibly great to see. The conference sold out and many came from interstate to attend—most were pleasantly surprised to discover that south-east Queensland has such a strong creative culture compared to what those coming from Sydney or Melbourne might have assumed. Analogue/Digital 2013 was better than that of 2012 and 2011, and better yet, steadily kicking the arse of most of the other creative conferences I've been to. Well done to Matt and the Analogue/Digital team for making this happen!

I have a renewed sense of purpose, energy and drive after hearing so many of the speakers talk about things I so strongly believe in or things I have already experienced for myself. Knowing that I'm doing a lot of the same things that they are can only mean that one day, in good time, all the hard work definitely will pay off, and that sometimes what you think is quitting and failing can end up being the start of better opportunities in disguise.

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