Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yoga with Lucy on the Sunshine Coast.

A few weekends ago I got the opportunity to reconnect with Lucy, who up until last year, I hadn't seen since high school. We've kept in touch since then, bonding over yoga, creativity, art and travel. Lucy also graduated from yoga teacher training last year, completing her certification in India, which is as authentic a yoga experience as you can get (a lot of yoga history is based in India & Nepal). Funny how life has a way of bringing certain people back to you, at very particular times.

Lucy and her partner Stu also spent a majority of the last year or so travelling, leaving their jobs in pursuit of a different path and spending time in places like Canada, USA & Europe (you can have a look at some of their adventures on their blog). Stories like theirs make me excited for my own adventures in Canada, and all the different paths we can take from that point forward. They've since settled in Queensland once again, slowing down before their next big adventure, whatever or wherever that may be.

Lucy teaches at Zenko Yoga on the Sunshine Coast. If you're based in the area, be sure to try one of their classes!

More yoga photography with Lucy below.

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