Thursday, February 02, 2017

Moments from: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Some highlights from the first two-and-a-half weeks in our new home city of Vancouver. For the first 10 days, we stayed at a lovely Airbnb in Strathcona. It helped us ease into Canadian life and really sink into the rhythm of the city. We took our first week “off”, exploring the neighbourhood together, ignoring our phones, avoiding turning on our laptops, and reclaiming a lot of lost time. The last 8 months leading up to this move felt like were definitely absolute turmoil, with many an unexpected change and challenge, and it took its toll on our relationship. We were not in the best place when we left, and it made us both really question whether we were making the “right” choice.

Upon arriving, we left that stress behind us and took some time to soak in the reality of what we'd done. Together, we had made a conscious choice to leave our life as we knew it behind, and leap into a couple of years of adventure. To live with a bit more intention, observing all the while what works for us and what doesn't; what aligns with us and what doesn't. It's liberating to have been able to do this, but as you can imagine, difficult, and I'm sure this road is paved with more challenges (what would life be without them?).

Next Friday, life changes once again, as we embark on a small road-trip to our new home in the Canadian Rockies. We're excited about the stories we have yet to tell, and the stories we'll walk away with. Keep an eye on my Instagram/Instagram story for updates along the way.

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