Friday, September 22, 2017

Emmanuelle, Loïc + Gael: La Reunion Family

A family session by the Indian Ocean. While I was running my photography workshops in La Reunion, I met with Emmanuelle, her husband and her son. Soon this sweet family of three will become four, and they wanted to have a little session to capture them as they are now, before the next chapter.

Their love for each other wasn't hard to capture, and it made golden hour all the sweeter watching them together. Their son, naturally playful and happy, made it extra enjoyable, but even he had his moments (as we all would if we were a toddler asked to look at a camera instead of putting a seashell in our mouth—“ne pas manger le coquillage!” was a phrase frequently uttered during the hour).

Fine one minute, imminent devastation the next are simply the hallmarks of parenting. Those little not-so-glamorous, impatient, cranky family moments are, to me, just as important to capture as the loving, playful and joyous ones. For those flawed moments are natural, honest and real. It's how you get through them that makes you family.

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