Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Camille Becoming.

Many of you have followed this blog for its entire existence, which will be coming up on its 10th year now. It has evolved from being a place in which I shared university work and miscellaneous ramblings as a very young adult, to being a place in which I can be expressive and open about some of my deepest thoughts. It has been my safe place and home to many a story. It has seen me through three long-term relationships, my university degree, the start of my creative career, the different choices I've made, the places I've travelled, the parts of me I have worked on, and the parts of me where I have work yet to do. A lot has changed in these 10 years—which is why the time felt right to give my blog a new home.

It is a little nostalgic for my blog to be “moving houses”. Perhaps this move will be more confusing than clarifying and I will undo all of this and come back here; but I had been contemplating moving the blog for some time before I made the leap, and with a plethora of other changes in my life, I felt it was time. It feels as if I'm letting something go, although I will still be writing and sharing on the new space—I have no aims for it other than to share as authentically as I have here, with even more heart and honesty than before, and I hope you can join me there, too.

Part of this move is also due to my frustration with my current blogging platform, which unfortunately has failed to keep up with certain design & functionality standards that should not be such a tough ask in 2018. So, onwards and upwards!

From July/August, this blog will start re-directing to my new home at Camille Becoming. Some of my old posts will be moved to an archive over on the new blog, so if there is a post that you enjoyed in the past that you may one day like to read, it will still be there for you.

Finally—if something on my blog has touched you, resonated with you, or helped you through something you are also going through, I would really love to hear from you. Please do write to me at and tell me your story.

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