Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jessica Cruickshank.

While I was in Sydney last week I photographed the cute face and cute space of my friend, letterer & illustrator Jess Cruickshank. Jess and I met on Twitter about five years ago. Since then she's moved from Brisbane to Sydney, gotten married (to another awesome person, Tim), and left her full-time role at an ad agency to do this whole lettering thing solo—and what an incredible decision that was, because every year she produces something that makes me want to weep. I find her work beautiful because it is well-executed, colourful and detailed. I love seeing her trial new techniques and perform little personal experiments that she shares on Snapchat/Instagram—it gives you an insight not only into her process and personal development, but also the amount of effort that goes into making those beautiful, finished pieces.

Here's a little peek at where the magic happens. To see more of Jess' work, follow her on Instagram or Snapchat (@jess__cruicky).

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