Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wedding: Aemi & Robi.

On Tuesday, May 8, I watched my cousin get married in Sydney. It was a sudden trip, having only made the decision to fly down to Sydney with my mother two weeks ago. But how could I not be there for the marriage of one of my closest cousins, a person I grew up with (albeit for a short period of time, prior to moving overseas), the first cousin to be married in our generation on my mother's side of the family? Aemi, the bride, her twin sister Abbie (the maid of honour) and Tristan, their younger brother together with their parents moved to Sydney about six years ago and are some of the few relatives we have living here. I am grateful that they did, otherwise I would've missed this historical day in our family's lives, and would've missed out on getting to know such talented, like-minded cousins.

Despite the stresses my mother and I encountered in our rushed two day trip (a lot of which included missing trains and running around with heavy bags everywhere), and us having to leave the reception quite early on in order to catch our flight homeward bound to Brisbane, I am glad that I was there to see it unfold before my own eyes—and the lens.

I wasn't the official wedding photographer, but needless to say, I took as many photos as I could; I only uploaded my favourite photos from the day below. My uncle (an artist & illustrator, one of my very many creative relatives on my mother's side) was the genius behind a majority of the flower arrangements.

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