Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cape Byron at sunset.

After our visit to Fingal Head, Jason and I headed straight to Byron Bay. I adore everything about Byron, from the little town and all the small boutiques and great caf├ęs to the endlessly beautiful ocean scenery no matter which corner you're standing in. Byron's got this great vibe to it that I can only describe as being summery, hippie and ultimately, relaxed. Everything operates at a slightly slower pace—even you.

We opted to see the lighthouse at sunset, using our afternoon to rest and backup photos from the wedding the night before. It's one thing to visit the ocean at sundown with your friends or family, but it's another thing entirely to be there with another photographer, and know that they, like you, are seeking out the little things—moments between passersby; the way the light catches the clouds and the water; waiting until someone walks to just the right spot before taking the shot.

You can both be in comfortable, serene silence, each going through your own mental process, yet enjoying each other's company just the same.

Then, there's the moment you decide you've captured enough, and you put the camera down to enjoy everything for what it is.

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