Thursday, May 19, 2016

Main Beach, Byron Bay.

A leisurely wake-up, the last bits of packing and check-out found Jason and I at the beach around mid-morning on our last day in Byron. It was pretty warm, typical of our region but a little unusual for this time of year (I'm calling this season “faux-tumn”). The beach was filled with the right amount of people. Many were families, spending Mother's Day together by the sea. We walked all the way from Main Beach to Fisherman's Lookout, me walking barefoot on all the rocks, reminding my feet what they were made for in the first place.

We lingered at Fisherman's Lookout to capture the surfers below, who were idle on their boards, waiting for a good wave. We got excited as we saw, in the distance, a fleet of kayakers making their way across. We knew to wait a little longer so we could capture them just as they passed our surfing pals below.

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