Friday, May 20, 2016

Folk Byron Bay.

On our way out from Byron, Jason and I enjoyed—like, truly enjoyed—lunch at Folk Byron Bay. Owned and run by fellow photographer Maggie Dylan, Folk ticks all my boxes: tasty, nutritious vegetarian food that is consistently well-made; incredible coffee; the great playlist (“old” music, think Beatles and the like); the laid-back vibe; the way the sunlight streams into the space; the thoughtful fit-out, the plants and the carefully chosen decor that helps you feel completely at home.

I never find myself in places that are screaming for attention, but rather I find I am drawn to places that have this softness, this reservedness and this warm, inviting nature that keeps me coming back—quite similar to the very people I seem to gravitate towards as well.

I've had the buckwheat banana pancakes and the smashed avocado (a humble Australian classic that Folk does well) before. They were both delicious, so I can't wait to try the other options on the menu. I'm envious of all the locals that get that live right near Folk, but the 2.5 hour trip down to Byron from Brisbane is worth it for this café and the beach.

Whenever I'm here it's like saying hello to a dear friend, which is how I know Folk will remain one of my all-time favourites for years to come. I'd highly recommend swinging by Folk as you enter Byron, to fuel up before settling into the relaxed nature quintessential to this beachside town; or just as you leave, to let the memory of Byron linger a little longer before the drive home. You may find that you, too, have made a new friend here.

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