Friday, May 20, 2016

Minyon Falls, New South Wales.

As we drove back to Brisbane, I took Jason and I on a little detour through the Byron hinterland to Minyon Falls. The countryside was incredible at golden hour; it was almost painful to be in the driver's seat instead of window shooting from the passenger's seat, but to be honest, we'd been shooting so much that we were happy to simply enjoy the view. We bopped along to an eclectic mix of songs from The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Maroon 5, Angus & Julia Stone, and at one point I'm pretty sure even the Spice Girls made their way onto the speakers.

I'd never been to Minyon Falls before, so I was also seeing all this with new eyes. I loved looking out across the hinterland and seeing the way the mid-afternoon light fell over the trees. As we craned our bodies over the fencing we could see tiny people at the foot of the falls below us, having picnics and what I'm sure was an all 'round great time. My heart did a little flutter as I imagined accidentally tripping and falling to the rocks below. The 100m drop to the ground was unbelievable (and impossible to do justice through the camera), and I can only imagine the volume of water that would rush over the cliff during the stormy season.

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