Thursday, June 09, 2016

Canada: Vancouver, December 2015.

You know that feeling when you get home from a trip, and months later you're looking at the photos and you feel as if you could have only just been there yesterday, but at the same time the memory feels distant or surreal? That's what this next series of Canada posts is going to feel like to me. We left for Canada in 2015 and came home in 2016, and now three—threesix months have passed.

We arrived on the same date we left—another magical thing about travelling halfway across the world—to a rainy, cold and Christmassy Vancouver. Trying to get into your Airbnb when it's less than 10ºC and raining and you're jet-lagged after being stuck in a plane for 19 hours wasn't the most enchanting way to start the trip, but it was merely a minor setback for what was to come.

I didn't actually take too many photos in Vancouver and Toronto, as the last thing I wanted during our very short time there was to be caught up taking photos instead of actually experiencing the city for myself. Many times I left my camera at home, and I'm glad that I did. It's nice to practice restraint.

Below are a few photos from our favourite café: Le Marché St. George, who made great coffees the size of my face and excellent crêpes, as well as some shots from our time at Vancouver Lookout. If you're curious and you plan on visiting Vancouver, we also visited Science World, Gastown and Stanley Park.

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