Monday, March 06, 2017

Spring snowfall in Canmore.

This is spring in Canmore. The temperature still hovers anywhere between a low of -25ºC and a high of -11ºC on some days, or a high of 3ºC and a low of -7ºC on other days. I'm more an admirer of weather in the Rockies than I am of weather in Vancouver: give me cold, snow and sun vs. warm, rainy and grey any day. It's been mostly sunny nearly every day we've been here up until this weekend's snowfall: we got about 20cm in one day on Saturday, and it snowed consistently for the whole day.

That morning Martin and I went for a slow walk despite the flurries, on a trail not too far from home. Not more than a few minutes into our walk we found ourselves high enough to get great view of our whole valley town, sitting quietly at the foot of the mountains. We walked by house upon house with huge windows and I imagined what it would be like to live there, seeing the entire town from above, living almost as if one were in the woods. They were definitely causing an ache in my heart that felt as if it could only be soothed if I lived in these dream homes.

I watched as the clouds moved swiftly across the mountains; bright blue sky and sunlight on one side, and dark, thick grey clouds on the other, a sign of the snow about to hit the town in full swing. We walked carefully, slipping as our shoes moved fresh snow off ice. We made it home and sat down with some hot chocolates just in time before the snow started really coming down.

On Sunday we continued to get extra flurries, but that didn't stop the locals from going about their day, shovelling their sidewalks and brushing the snow off their cars. Below are some photos from our neighbourhood, taken at -11ºC without gloves on (survivable for up to 15 minutes, just in case you wanted to know).

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