Sunday, March 05, 2017

Winter in Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park.

An extension of our epic winter roadtrip story, here's a dedicated photo story from Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park. We decided to visit Maligne after winter highway closures changed our plans while we were on the road to Canmore, and we had absolutely no regrets. The canyon was like something out of Frozen—the waterfalls, creeks and riverbeds were solid and glass-like, and the rocks and trees were covered in fluffy, untouched snow. We even got to see a few ice-climbing groups (definitely on my to-do list for while I'm in Canada!).

We took ourselves on a self-guided tour (read: not on a marked trail with an experienced guide) into the canyon, and although we made it in and out just fine, I think next time we'll pack a pair of ice cleats, microspikes or crampons. Walking on ice even in decent winter hiking boots was treacherous at times and we went at a snail's pace. Given my ankle injury, my cousin and Martin suggested that I shouldn't enter the main canyon, as the surface leading to it was pure ice. Nevertheless, I got some great photos from where I was standing. I found taking photos to be quite challenging that day, as the white balance (the colour temperature of light) changed all the time depending on where I was in the canyon (thank goodness for editing). Now that I know what to expect, I look forward to returning, this time with those ice cleats, a tripod and maybe some hand-warmers.

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